For Cancer

An outstanding solution for people who are suffering from cancer and the related dreaded diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart conditions, liver and kidney problems, psoriasis and eczema


Mahkota Dewa or Phaleria Macrocarpa is a wonderful herbal product that has helped many cancer patients recover from serious cancer. There have been many remarkable testimonies of even Stage 4 cancer patients experiencing remission in their condition. A few have gone on to recover.

The science behind the product is explained in some of the attached papers and it’s anti-oxidants levels of 426,000 ORAC is unprecedented in herbal formulations. There is now new hope for cancer patients and the reasonable prices makes it within reach of many cancer patients.

The same product is also excellent for diabetes, high blood pressure, liver & kidney problems as well as eczema & psoriasis.

For those where cancer runs in the family, Mahkota Dewa stands as the best preventive herbal supplement to keep cancer away. This is great for those who want peace of mind and free from the anxiety of this dreadful diseases.

It is priced only at RM149 (West Malaysia) & RM169 (East Malaysia & overseas) for 60 capsules. Take Mahkota Dewa and feel the assurance!

1… For prevention against cancer 2 capsules daily
2… For serious cancer cases, 6-8 tablets daily for 3 months and then review 

No Distance Is too Far

Even serious Stage 4 cancer patients have testified of the goodness of Mahkota Dewa for their condition.