For Diabetes

There are few better solutions for diabetes than JC 2 and SuBalance. The results are exceptional and many Diabetics have found real improvement in their condition.



A wonderful natural solution for Diabetes that is virtually certain of results from the many testimonies received, JC 2 & SuBalance combined is a powerful remedy for the dreadful disease of diabetes.

Made from a rich combination of natural herbal ingredients, JC 2 has seen virtually results in all those who have followed the recommended dosage. Many long term Diabetics have seen their blood sugar readings drop to below 6 even after just 3 days of taking this excellent product combination.

Diabetics no longer have to wallow in their own serious plight where dialysis often becomes a compelled solution.

Priced at RM100 per box/ bottle of JC 2 (10 sachets) and also RM100 for 20 capsules of SuBalance (West Malaysia) & RM120 for JC 2 & RM120 for SuBalance (East Malaysia), patients no longer have to fear diabetes.

Recommended dosage
1… For diabates prevention
1 sachet JC 2 & 2 capsules of SuBalance daily for 3 months
2… For serious diabetes sufferers
2 sachet JC 2 & 5 capsules of SuBalance daily for 1 month and then dosage reduced to 1 sachet JC 2 & 2 capsules of SuBalance daily for 3 months


No Distance Is too Far

Even those injecting their bodies with insulin can try our excellent products for diabetes. This dreadful disease is no longer a ‘death sentence’ and many diabetics have amazingly seen quick remission of ¬†their condition