Today, people are so busy that they have no time to even ensure that they are living healthy life-styles. The abuse they heap upon themselves is unbelievable. They eat their way into obesity and they virtually have no place for exercise in their lives. In the modern fast-paced lifestyle that we are all subject to, the six critical areas for vibrant health are found in the description headers below:

1… W ATER….. Drinking the right beneficial water is key to a healthy lifestyle base.

2… A IR….. Staying away from pollution and avoiding the abuses of smoking, drinking and pressure is key

3… F OOD.…. Too many are eating their way into an early grave. This is probably the worst habit of all

4… E XERCISE….. Putting off exercise is the lamest excuse put forward by the majority

5… R EST….. Rest and adequate sleep is a very important factor for great health

6… S UPPLEMENTS….. Alll of us need supplements and that is a fact. Unfortunately many live in denial

The WAFERS program above outlines what everyone aspiring for great health should do. those who ignore these key factors do so at their own peril.